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This is a custom printed spandex shop.
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For all new visitors/customers, here is what this website is all about!

This website is new, I’ve just opened the doors so to speak! Currently it utilizes a one man team right here in Canada. I do everything from website maintenance, clothing print designs to marketing related stuff. Since there’s no way I can physically make the clothing items too (in any quantity), I utilize an established company to produce and ship the my designs directly to you.

Ultimately I have two goals with this website:

One goal for the future, provided my sales start to make enough to cover at least it’s own websites expenses.. I’d like to be able to help out a local place like the food bank, non profit charities or places that just help people, like SickKids hospital with regular donations. Plans to start this will come in to play once we get a consistent steam of business. You can help me help others by spreading the word! That’s mostly what I need at this point.

My second goal is to brighten up the world! So many people wear black clothes out there, it’s like a funeral! The human eye can distinguish about 10 million different colors, why settle for just one of them! So here it’s all about colours! Grab your spectacular fall photo, pick your favorite colour and show the world it’s a very colourful place!

Finally, I am looking for someone to model some of the clothing featured here so I can reduce the number of ‘generated images’ I use. If you are located in Durham Region, Ontario and can fit into a size large; Contact me!

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